[2013] KBS DRAMA ‘GOOD DOCTOR’ 【굿닥터】



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Hello Joowonies! ^^

Selamat datang di Joowon Indonesia~~~ tempat nongkrong fans Joowon di Indonesia~ ^^

Welcome to Joowon Indonesia!~~~ ^^
As you may see, this blog is dedicated to actor Joowon’s fans, especially the fans from Indonesia. It’s the main reason we write everything in Indonesian language. However, it doesn’t mean that non Indonesian fans are prohibited to get information from this blog. You are all welcome! But please do remember that we have rules and also feel free to leave comments.

Enjoy and may you all have pleasant stay! 뿅~

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[NEWS] 14.04.11 Joo Won shows off his new bowl cut for ‘Fashion King’

Actor Hong Suk Chun snapped a picture with the handsome boys of the movie ‘Fashion King‘, Joo Won and Ahn Jae Hyun. He also included a message that both he and Kim Na Young will be making special appearances as reporters in the film.

In the picture, Joo Won grabs attention with his new hairstyle – the classic bowl cut. He will be playing Woo Ki Myung, who tries to be the coolest man on earth in order to hang out with an ulzzang girl in his class.

The movie will be out this summer. Are you liking Joo Won’s new hairstyle?

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/04/joo-won-shows-off-his-new-bowl-cut-for-fashion-king

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[TRANSLATION] 14.03.31 Joo Won, “For me Book is like my playground”


For me Book is like my playground.
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[ARTICLE] GHOST The Musical – Supernatural, but not

Posted : 2014-03-20 16:59 Updated : 2014-03-20 16:59

Supernatural, but not

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[ARTICLE] 14.03.08 How K-Dramas Portray People With Disabilities #GoodDoctor

By Joan MacDonald | Mar 08, 2014 11:20 AM EST

K-drama plots have used disabilities such as vision and hearing impairment before. They often predict a tragic love story that could not be. Or the impairment causes a misunderstanding that spells tragedy. But lately k-dramas have started to include characters that are considered disabled in more varied ways.

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[NEWS] 14.03.06 Joo Won presents a dinner truck

Actor Joo Won treated everyone on the set of the movie “Fashion King – Movie” with a dinner truck. His fans prepared a truck for dinner and late night snacks.

Food was prepared for 150 people and everyone was able to eat and be merry after working outside in the cold.

Joo Won is working on the musical “Ghost” and the movie “Fashion King – Movie“. The musical has to be done indoors but the movie is taken outside so he decided to treat the hard working staff to a warm meal.

One of the staff says, “A hot bowl of soup really warms someone up mentally and physically on a cold day. I am grateful at how thoughtful Joo Won is”.

Source : http://enews24.interest.me/news/article.asp?nsID=359454

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[NEWS-TRANSLATION] 14.03.05 Joo Won for “McCoL”


Company Il Hwa (www.ilhwa.co.kr, President Lee Sung-gyun) pursuing human health and happiness revealed on March 5th they have chosen JooWon as their model for Mc Col, a carbonated barley drink which is the first in Korea.
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