Title : ‘용팔이’ ( Yong Pal )

Genre : Medical Mellow Drama

Episodes : –

Broadcast Network : SBS

Broadcast Period : August 5th, 2015 – …

Airing time: Wed. & Thu. 21:55 PM KST

Script: Jang Hyeok-rin

Director: Lee Dong-hoon

Production: HB Entertainment

Official Website : http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programMainList.do?pgm_id=22000008289

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sbsyong82


 Episode 01 : National 11.6% / Seoul 12.9% (15.08.05)
Episode 02 : National 14.1% / Seoul 16.0% (15.08.06 )
Episode 03 : National 14.5% / Seoul 16.3% (15.08.12)
Episode 04 : National 16.3% / Seoul 17.8% (15.08.13)
Episode 05 : National 18.0% / Seoul 20.3% (15.08.19)
Episode 06 : National 20.4% / Seoul 22.2% (15.08.20)
Episode 07 : National 19.2% / Seoul 21.4% (15.08.26)
Episode 08 : National 20.5% / Seoul 22.8% (15.08.27)

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[NEWS] 15.09.03 “Yong Pal” comes in first inspite of drop


SBS drama “Yong Pal” stayed in first place despite the drop.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ninth episode of “Yongpal” recorded 17.0%. This is 3.5% lower than the previous episode.

Still, “Yong Pal” is the highest rated drama of the time frame as it’s 2~3 times more than its competitors MBC “Scholar Who Walks the Night” and KBS 2TV “Assembly” (8.0% and 5.4%).

“Yong Pal” is a melodrama about a fraud doctor named Yong-pal (Joo Won) meeting an heiress (Kim Tae-hee) who is asleep at his hospital.

credit: http://www.hancinema.net/yong-pal-comes-in-first-inspite-of-drop-86163.html

[V Report Plus] 15.08.31 Joo Won’s most memorable scene to air this week


Actor Joo Won, lead of SBS TV drama “Yongpal,” said via V app that his most memorable scene from the show will air this week.

The star was en route to SBS broadcasting station’s complex from Incheon.

Reclining in the car, Joo Won replied to questions from fans via live-streaming app V.
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[NEWS] 15.08.29 SBS drama ‘Yong Pal’ reveals behind-the-scenes cut of Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won


SBS drama ‘Yong Pal’ revealed a behind-the-scenes still cut of co-stars Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won on set.

‘Yong Pal’ posted the above photo to Facebook on August 28, showing Joo Won staring intensely at a smart phone and Kim Tae Hee looking off into the distance. No matter what they’re doing, however, the couple is sure to stand out with their amazing skin and good looks.
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[NEWS] 15.08.29 “Yong Pal” Producers Respond to Plagiarism Allegations


HB Entertainment responded to the allegations of plagiarism of their popular drama “Yong Pal.” It was said that the drama is similar in part to the webtoon “City Conquest 7.”

The allegation of plagiarism was categorically denied by the agency, which stated the following:
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[NEWS] 15.08.28 ‘Yong Pal’ Denies Plagiarism Claims


“Yong Pal” is facing allegations that the popular drama is plagiarized from the long-running comic, “City Conquest.” On August 28, representatives for the production team at HB Entertainment addressed these claims, categorically denying that the SBS medical drama is based on the comic.

In a report published by the Korean outlet Daily Sports, a spokesperson for the production refuted the allegations. “Claims that ‘Yong Pal’ plagiarized the comic ‘City Conquest’ ignore that the drama has just a small cross-section of the [subject],” said the representative for HB.
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[NEWS] 15.08.28 ‘Yong Pal’ Ratings Rise To 20.5 Percent


“Yong Pal” recently experienced a brief dip with viewership, but ratings continued to rise with its August 27 episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS medical drama recorded 20.5 percent for its eighth episode, the highest rating for the program since it premiered on August 5. Ratings for the episode exceeded 20.4 percent, which was the highest record for the series.
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[REVIEW] 15.08.28 Love blossoms in 8th episode of ‘Yong-pal’

In the eighth episode of TV drama “Yong-pal” broadcast Thursday, the male and female leads sealed their love with a kiss.

The quick transition took place as Tae-hyun (Joo Won) brought wheelchair-bound Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee) to the chapel where her deceased ex-lover had been buried.

There he leaves the distraught heiress, telling her: “You’re free. Take your time to recuperate here and return to the world of the predators where you belong. You and I are from two different worlds, for a brief moment I almost forgot that.”

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