Title : 내일도 칸타빌레 (Naeildo Cantabile)
Title : Naeil’s Cantabile / Tomorrow Cantabile(English)
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Network : KBS2
Broadcast Period :  October 13rd, 2014 – December 2nd, 2014
Air Time: Mon & Tue 21:55
Original Work : Manga Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya
PD : Hang Sang Woo (Equator Man)
Writer : Shin Jae Won (Tamra, Cyrano Agency)
Music Director : Lee Jong Jin
Production Company : Group8 (Group Eight)

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Hello Joowonies! ^^

Selamat datang di Joowon Indonesia~~~ tempat nongkrong fans Joowon di Indonesia~ ^^

Welcome to Joowon Indonesia!~~~ ^^
As you may see, this blog is dedicated to actor Joowon’s fans, especially the fans from Indonesia. It’s the main reason we write everything in Indonesian language. However, it doesn’t mean that non Indonesian fans are prohibited to get information from this blog. You are all welcome! But please do remember that we have rules and also feel free to leave comments.

Enjoy and may you all have pleasant stay! 뿅~

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[NEWS] 15.04.21 Actor Joo Won Joins Instagram!

Actor Joo Won Joins Instagram!

Actor Joo Won is the latest star to join the wonderful world of Instagram!

The talented actor joined the photo-sharing social media site on April 21, and immediately started posting glimpses into his life.

Although not at the crazy rate of fellow celeb T.O.P who joined Instagram recently and started spamming pictures, Joo Won also posted 13 pictures in less than two hours. He ended the spam with a cute handwritten message that read, “Bye~ I have to go to bed now~ Good Night! I burned the night white.” In the morning, he resumed posting with more pictures.

Many of the images he has posted are pictures of himself. Some are from the set of his upcoming thriller movie, “That Man,” which he is currently filming.

Be sure to check out his Instagram at @actor.zu!

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2015/04/21/actor-joo-won-joins-instagram/


Check out actor Joo Won’s new Instagram!


Guess who’s new to Instagram!  It’s the handsome and talented actor Joo Won.

He revealed he started a new Instagram via his official Twitter, so of course, dozens of his fans immediately fled to his new SNS account to follow him, and he has not disappointed. Although he just started Instagram on April 21, he’s clearly having a lot of fun as he’s already posted 8 pictures–and they show enjoying the sights in Thailand, Beijing, Osaka, and more.

If you want the latest update from this top star, check out his account @actor.zu!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/04/check-out-actor-joo-wons-new-instagram

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[NEWS] 15.03.27 Joo Won and Yu Hae Jin starts filming for their movie ‘That Man Is the One’ (That Guy)

Joo Won, Yu Hae Jin

Upcoming South Korean movie ‘ That Man Is the One’ (director: Yoon Joon Hyeong) which is led by JooWon and Yu Hae Jin, officially begun filming on March 16th, and involved the both of them.

The first scene to be filmed saw Jang Woo (Joo Won) meeting Pharmacist Min (Yu Hae Jin) for the first time. Although it was just the first scene to be filmed, the both of them totally got into character, and completed the filming successfully.

Joo Won plays the brother named Jang Woo who is hell-bent on finding his sister’s killer. To present a brand new image, Joo Won intentionally put on weight for his role, and even spoke using accent. He said, “I love crime thrillers. I worked really hard in picking up the Gyeongsang dialect, and hope that everything will turn out well.”

Yu Jae Jin meanwhile said, “The first filming was really smooth sailing, and the director, staff, and cast members showed great chemistry. I am looking forward to the rest of the filming.”

‘That Man Is the One ‘ tells the story of a man who turns to shamanism to find his sister’s killer, who had left no evidence behind. The movie is expected to wrap up filming by end May, and open in cinemas sometime in the second half of the year.

By: Alvin

Source: http://kpopfighting.com/2015/03/27/joo-won-and-yu-hae-jin-starts-filming-for-their-movie-that-man-is-the-one/

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[ARTICLE] Interview and Review : Joo Won meets his Thai fans

Sweet star

Joo Won meets his Thai fans.

By Suwitcha Chaiyong
Photos courtesy of A Chi

Joo Won is interested in working as a DJ.

It is rare to find an actor who can sing well, but Joo Won is an exception. The 27-year-old South Korean star has developed his singing talents since he kicked off his career in showbiz with roles in stage musicals such as Grease, Sinsangnam and Spring Awakening.

Joo Won has also made his mark as an actor since his debut role playing bad guy in the 2010 TV drama, King of Baking, Kim Takgu. Following this impressive performance, Joo Won played leading roles in several successful TV dramas including Bridal Mark, Good Doctor, and more recently, Tomorrow Cantabile. He has also sung soundtrack songs including “My Love” for King of Baking, Kim Takgu, “Love Medicine” for Good Doctor and “Innocent” for Tomorrow Cantabile.

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[NEWS] 15.03.04 Joo Won, sweet guy’s hot transformation

On March 4th, actor Joo Won has departed to Macao through the Incheon International Airport, for his pictorial shooting session.

Actor Joo Won is entering the departure terminal.

Joo Won was cast as the leading role in the Chinese film, ‘ Xiao You Qiao Mu ‘ and has completed filming the movie, which will be released next year. ‘Xiao You Qiao Mu’ is a love story among three men and a woman. Jo Woon has been filming since May last year coming back and forth between China and Korea.

Movie “Fashion King” starring him as the lead, which was released in November last year in Korea, had been pre-sold to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan before its release date.

credit: http://www.hancinema.net/joo-won-sweet-guy-s-hot-transformation-79221.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110090295

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[NEWS] 15.02.05 Joo Won and Kim Young Kwang laugh it up in BTS cuts for ‘GGIO2 Curation’


Menswear brand ‘GGIO2 Curation’ has released some behind-the-scene cuts of actors Joo Won and Kim Young Kwang modeling for their spring and summer photoshoot.
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[NEWS] 15.01.31 Joo Won to become a one-day employee at ‘Beans Bins’


Joo Won revealed that he will be holding a surprise event! The actor will act as an employee at one of the ‘Beans Bins‘ franchise store located in Daehak-ro as the official endorsement model.
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[NEWS] 15.01.04 Joo Won and Kim Young Kwang Show Bromance in GGIO2 Curation BTS Cuts

‘GGIO2 Curation’ released a set of behind the scenes cuts of Joo Won and Kim Young Kwang.

The men’s wear brand ‘GGIO2 Curation’ selected Joo Won and Kim Young Kwang as the models of the 2015 S/S season, conveying its new brand image.

The two actors showed consideration for one another as they carried on the warm atmosphere during filming. Although they played around and made each other laugh in between, they quickly put on serious faces for the camera, catching attention with their professionalism.

Joo Won and Kim Young Kwang Show Bromance in GGIO2 Curation BTS Cuts
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